Saturday, 26 May 2007

ABMT- Charity Cake Competition (Part II: Results)

It was great to see so many people participating in this year’s Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Charity Cake Competition held at work last Wednesday and I also got to know a few new people. Yet another example of how food brings people together. AND this was for a good cause. There was a large variety of cakes (a few pictured above) – some were based on family recipes, and a few participants were first time bakers. Let’s have a look at the cake competition categories:

Australia's Best Taste Morsel Categories
- Rosemary Stanton Award for the healthiest Cake or most creative use of fruit category
- Neuhaus’ Couvateur Award for best use of Chocolate
- Willie Wonka Award for the most creative use of lollies on a cake.
- Limbo Award for the flattest cake
- Meccano award for the tallest cake
- The Thousand Nights and One Night Award for the longest cake
- Cardiologist Superannuation Award for the most fattening cake
- Timothy Leary Award for most psychedelic use of colour on or in a cake
- Audrey Hepburn Award for Style and Simplicity
- Martha Stewart Award for the best fraudulent Cake

In my previous post, you would have learnt about my reservations about how my cake would turn out. Despite my doubts, people were intrigued by the cake because it was a German recipe, it had red wine in it and because of the unique “Sydney Opera House” contours. It didn’t matter that the glaze had lost its shine. It fetched the second highest bid ($35)! And it also won an award. Can you guess which one?

The cake auction was a great success - we raised $455 for the Cancer Council. Not surprisingly, the highest bid ($50) went to this cake by AD:

Some of the other cakes that won a prize (can you guess for which categories?):

But the one that caught my eye was this caramelized upside down banana cake by BS. I had to outbid the BIG BOSS just so I could do my part for charity (...and take this baby home).

When I finally sank my teeth into it, I was in HEAVEN - it tasted divine! I am at a loss for words as to how to describe it. Everyone who had a slice also agreed. Of course, I just had to have the recipe and luckily I bumped into BS at the photocopying machine yesterday and found out that he got it off one of Bill Granger’s book. I’ll make this soon and post the recipe.


Janet said...

Did you win "Most Creative use of Chocolate".... and do I win anything if I guessed that right?? :-) Can't wait to see the recipe for that banana cake!!! HURRY!

Shirley said...

Hey Nora, I already know which category you won, and it was not what I had expected. I hope that you won't get into trouble with your boss, ha ha.

Nora B. said...

Good guess, Janet, but my cake won the "Cardiologist Superannuation Award" which is supposed to be for the most fattening cake. I thought that there were other cakes there that were higher in fat (esp. the "family recipes" - they tend to use 6 eggs and heaps of butter) but the awards were just for a bit of fun.

Shirley - hmmm, maybe I should have offered her a slice of the cake. That would have been smart, but all I wanted to do was run away with the glistening caramelised banana cake. :-)

Pei said...

I don't like wine, but this sounds like a delicious cake. I agree with Janet - hurry get the recipe for the banana cake!

Eva said...

Whilst I'm not calling it a healthy cake, it's not much more fattening than your average cake - however, it all depends on the number of slices you eat (and I'm not good with self-control when it comes to cakes...;-) Anyway, I'm happy to see that your cake not only got an award but also the second highest bid!

Nora B. said...

But Eva, it's got red wine in it, so it's supposed to be good for the heart ;-)
I am happy that the cake sales all go to the Cancel Council. Too bad I didn't catch you in time to give you some of the banana cake.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Wow!! It was quite a show, Nora!!

I liked your cake best and I'm not saying this because I know you. ;)
But that banana upside down cake is tempting too - I can't wait to see it here!

Helen said...

Loves the award your cake got! Post that recipe as soon as you can, the cake looks incredible