Saturday, 12 May 2007

The Sexiest Chocolate on Earth

Truffles. Would you agree? There is something naughty and seductive about chocolate truffles. Is it because of how smooth it melts in your mouth, or the indulgent ingredients that it is associated with? Have you noticed that whenever someone presents a bowl of chocolate truffles, women always let out a gleeful “wow”?

The first time that I was given “home made” truffles, it was from my friend PY, who was at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Sydney [PY – thanks again for letting me finish (eating) your homework]. Then, last month my friend Em, who gives me samples of her baking, made some too. So, when I was thinking of making something to cheer up a friend I was visiting, truffles came to mind. I became quite confused by the many different recipes, so I decided to use a tried & tested recipe by Eva, a dear friend and fellow food blogger. It was surprisingly easy to make. I think a shiny chocolate coating would have made it more sexy ;-)

Truffles Three Ways
(I’ve always wanted to say that)

Dark Chocolate Truffles
coated with Cacao, icing sugar and crushed pistachios

Note: I omitted the chilli flakes, and used Cointreau in place of Kirsh
Tip: As a gift, I placed the truffles in a small jar.

"Do I look sexy?"
(Sorry about the quality of the photos - it's hard to take a good ones due to the reflection from the glass. Hopefully Eva, who is also my photography "coach" will be able to help me.)


Eva said...

Wow, they're truly sexy! Unlike myself, you managed to shape them perfectly! I have to try them with Cointreau, too...hhmmm...

Janet said...

Hi Nora, Those look fabulous. I love truffles. I would especially love the pistachio ones. I just bought some pistachios because I was going to try to make some baklava, but then I ate most of them....there might be just enough left for truffles though!!

Freya and Paul said...

They are sexy! I love truffles, how they melt and the cocoa powder coating! Gorgeous!

Nora B. said...

Eva, it was your tip about sticking it back in the freezer when shaping them the reason why I could make it so round. So thank you!

Janet, oh you have make baklava! I love them (also the ones made of cashew nuts). I've bought pyllo pastry sheets countless times with the intention to make baklava but I always back out, so I urge you to make it & post it on your blog.
p/s: thanks for the lamb rack recipe, Quikong made it for me for my birthday. I'll post the story soon.

Freya & Paul, yes truffles are sexy thangs!

Helen said...

Nora, these are gorgeous! Anybody would feel special to receive them! Beautiful!

Rose said...

Sexy indeed!