Friday, 11 January 2008

Kitchen Gadget Trivia

After a series of sugar-high posts, I figured I might write a calorie-free post. In fact, you might even burn a few extra calories from using your brain power to solve this trivia. ;-)

I was rummaging through Mom's kitchen cupboards (it's fun! I never know what I might find), when I unearthed these gadgets that I thought would be fun for a trivia. Mom has so many gadgets tucked away in her numerous kitchen cupboards that even she has lost track of her massive collection.

I'll present the items in order of difficulty. I am familiar with all of them, except the last one which stumped me. Even Grandma didn't know what it was.

Good Luck - and you don't have to be right. Have fun & amuse me with your creativity!

What Am I (or what am I designed to do)?

(A) I look like a knife but I am no ordinary knife. What am I designed to cut?

(B) Made in Japan... (never used, by the way)

(C) Mom actually has three of these, don't ask me why...

This is not what it's for (thanks, Grandma)

(D) Made in India...

(E) This is the toughest one, so I took a shot from three angles. Made in Indonesia.

I look forward to reading your guesses.


KJ said...

Ooooh what fun!! I have to admit that I have no real idea on any of them. So best guesses are:

A) lettuce cutter

B) making buns or dumplings

C) a noodle press

D) At first, I thought maybe an egg poacher. But I don't think poached eggs are big in Indonesia. So I will go with it's used in deep frying something.

I got 0/4 didn't I.

Em said...

This is hard!
I will take the night to think about it!

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Nora, that is very interesting but I have no idea what are those tools for :)))) Only the one before last look a little bit like a mill...?

I'm looking forward to hear the answers :)


Greg said...

No calorie post. You're funny! :)

Interesting objects. I cannot get them all, that's for sure.

A - Probably made for something really specialized. It doesn't look too sharp to me so it must cut something soft. Is it as simple as a cake knife?

B - I'm wracking my brains trying for think of a Japanese cooked food in the shape of a ball. No idea. Some kind of cooked rice ball cooker?

C - I could see using this to make those things! You know . . It's early. I can't think of what to call it. You put a batter in those and let it stream out the bottom directly into hot oil if frying or into a boiling pot of broth or water.

D - Looks like a Turkish coffee grinder. But in India I suspect it could be for grinding some spices.

E - Strange contraption. Is it for carrying something?

Bellini Valli said...

Sounds like you are having a relaxing and enjoyable vacation with your family. So nice to be away from everyday stresses. I will make some instant guesses on your mom's gadgets....don't laugh too hard..
A) bagel cutter
B) made in Japan-Meatball cooker or dumpling cooker
C) noodle maker
D) spice grinder from India
E) egg poacher
Have a wonderful and fun-filled day!

Nigel said...

Judging by the photo, D)looks like something used for dispersing large crowds of protesters in India...

Kevin said...

I think that the second one might be a pan for making takoyaki (fried/baked octopus balls).

Big Boys Oven said...

U had just reminded me that I also have a lot of this stuff in my drawer which never been used...lol1 Just a collection!

Lydia said...

Your grandma is very funny! The only one I recognize is, I think, the pepper grinder from India. Can't wait to find out about the rest -- great post, Nora.

winedeb said...

I will be back when I can figure out what the heck these things are! Got me fooled! You are making my brain hurt Nora:)

Susan said...

The yellow, plastic thingies are multi-spout funnels for lacy crepes. Clueless about the others, though I want to say a coconut knife for #1. Fun stuff, Nora!

Anonymous said...

Oh...u have some good ones there!
I think the first one is to cut some kind of pastry stuff.

Second to make something round make string hoppers??

Fourth, this I know! My mum uses it all the time to make muruku.

Fifth... do they make jelebi in Indonesia??